DefiKingdoms in 3D – Is it a possibility?

I started learning blender, a free and powerful 3D software last year in September and embarked on DFK on April this year. After months of grinding and questing, I began wondering, is it possible to have the entire DefiKingoms transformed into a 3D Metaverse?

The first item I had in mind was the significant icon that represents the entirety of the project, the DFK jewel.

It was quite intricate despite the pixel art, don’t underestimate how complex it can get lol.

The first draft didn’t turn out as nice as I expected, and it had some weird glitches that was not complimentary. I played around with a few vertices and ended up with a base I was happier with.

After working on the insides of the jewel, here is the wireframe:

DefiKingdoms Jewel in 3D (Wireframe)

Subsequently, I started finding different textures for the jewel itself. Scrapped quite a bit of different looks before I settled for some procedural crystal and gold configurations. Played around with some lightings here and there, nudge a little left and right, and ended up with this:

DefiKingdoms Jewel in 3D (Rendered in Blender UI)

Afterwards, I looked for a nice video background, made the DFK jewel rotate around and added in a simple 3D title below with similar materials. This part was slightly easier as compared to the modelling phase. Here is the end result!

DefiKingdoms Jewel in 3D (Published on Tenor as a GIF)

I hope you guys had fun spamming this gif to the dev team LOL. If you guys enjoy this kind of Behind-The-Scene blog posts, do comment below and I will talk about the rest!

Meanwhile, #BULLISH






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