We will be replacing the outgoing CRYSTAL emission-based rewards system with a brand new staking incentive.

By Beetle

Good release day, Kingdom! As mentioned in our announcement late last week, we will be replacing the outgoing CRYSTAL emission-based rewards system with a brand new staking incentive. We’re excited to be officially unveiling that new system today. Check out the details below!

LP Migration and New Staking Rewards

To further incentivize LP staking, we’re introducing a new reward system, allocating 10% of in-game fees to be distributed to all active stakers. In order to receive rewards from the new system, LP stakers will need to migrate and stake their LPs to the new contract.

Migration Schedule

Beginning Now

  • Players may begin migrating their LP tokens to the new contract.
  • NOTE: Token rewards (JEWEL/CRYSTAL) from Gardening Quests will be temporarily disabled for 24 hours. Players may still use the Gardening Quest, but they will only earn in-game items for Quests started or completed during this time window.
  • Players staking their LPs in the new contract will begin receiving in-game fees based on the pool reward allocation and their pool share.
  • Token Rewards from Gardening Quests will be reenabled based on pool reward allocation and player pool share in the new LP pools only.

Note that these changes currently only apply to CRYSTALVALE. LP stakers on SERENDALE will continue to receive JADE rewards for staking until all 250M JADE has been emitted, which is estimated to take place at the end of February.

Updated Staking Interface

The time has come to start the migration process! Visit the Gardens and speak with the Druid to view active pools and start migrating. Click the “Migrate” button for the pools you want to migrate to the new system, follow the steps of unstaking from the V1 pools and restaking to the V2 pools, and you’re off to the races!

Please note that splitting seeds is not required to perform the migration. However, migrating to the new LP contracts will claim any pending rewards you may have. Thanks for being an amazing community! We’re excited for this new direction and grateful for all your support. Godspeed and good staking!