Phase 2 is complete, the fee sharing rewards for those providing liquidity in the v2 pools are now active!

by Bolon Soron

Kingdom Studios Director | Player Engagement
Proudly serving DeFi Kingdoms and MythicSwap!

Additionally, Gardening token rewards (JEWEL/CRYSTAL) are back on! Please remember that Gardening rewards will now be determined based on the v2 pools. If you have not migrated your LP, please see the above announcement for how to do so very simply, directly in the game interface.

As a reminder, these changes only apply to Crystalvale at this time, as JADE emissions will continue to reward the Serendale gardens until all 250MM JADE have been emitted. NOTE The Gardening quest pool list is not currently reflecting which pools players are staked in, we are aware and are working on a fix.

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