Our first Promotion Visage, the white Karate Gi, has completed

For those that purchased one or more Gi, we will be compiling the addresses and getting them over to Karate Combat to distribute the prize pool!

Additionally, we’re introducing our second Promotional Visage and another chance to win some $KARATE tokens! The Champion Gi, seen below, is now available! This time will work a little differently.

Enter your Hedera address at the time of purchase for a chance to win a share of a 1.5MM $KARATE prize pool! 50 winners will be selected, and additional Champion Gi purchases with the same Hedera address will be worth more entries.

Each additional purchase will be worth .2 more entries than the previous. Check out this Twitter thread for all the details: https://x.com/DeFiKingdoms/status/1748511016332472569?s=20






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